(S 1)
”The measure of that subtle music ceased.
(S 2)
Down with a hurried swimming floating lapse
Through unseen worlds and bottomless spaces forced
Sank like a star the soul of Savitri.
(S 3)
1435 Amidst a laughter of unearthly lyres
She heard around her nameless voices cry
Triumphing, an innumerable sound.innumerable
(S 4)
A choir of rushing winds to meet her came.
(S 5)
She bore the burden of infinity
1440 And felt the stir of all ethereal space.
(S 6)
Pursuing her in her fall, implacably sweet,
A face was over her which seemed a youth’s,
Symbol of all the beauty eyes see not,
Crowned as with peacock plumes of gorgeous hue
1445 Framing a sapphire, whose heart-disturbing smile
Insatiably attracted to delight,
Voluptuous to the embraces of her soul.
(S 7)
Changed in its shape, yet rapturously the same,
It grew a woman’s dark and beautiful
1450 Like a mooned night with drifting star-gemmed clouds,
A shadowy glory and a stormy depth,
Turbulent will and terrible in love.
(S 8)
Eyes in which Nature’s blind ecstatic life
Sprang from some spirit’s passionate content,
1455 Missioned her to the whirling dance of earth.
(S 9)
Amidst the headlong rapture of her fall
Held like a bird in a child’s satisfied hands,
In an enamoured grasp her spirit strove
Admitting no release till Time should end,
1460 And, as the fruit of the mysterious joy,
She kept within her strong embosoming soul
Like a flower hidden in the heart of spring
The soul of Satyavan drawn down by her
(S 10)
1465 Invisible heavens in a thronging flight
Soared past her as she fell. Then all the blind
And near attraction of the earth compelled
Fearful rapidities of downward bliss.
(S 11)
Lost in the giddy proneness of that speed,
1470 Whirled, sinking, overcome she disappeared,
Like a leaf spinning from the tree of heaven,
In broad unconsciousness as in a pool;
A hospitable softness drew her in
Into a wonder of miraculous depths,
1475 Above her closed a darkness of great wings
And she was buried in a mother’s breast.
(S 12)
Then from a timeless plane that watches Time,
A Spirit gazed out upon destiny,
In its endless moment saw the ages pass.
(S 13)
1480 All still was in a silence of the gods.
(S 14)
The prophet moment covered limitless Space
And cast into the heart of hurrying Time
A diamond light of the Eternal’s peace,
A crimson seed of God’s felicity;
1485 A glance from the gaze fell of undying Love.
(S 15)
A wonderful face looked out with deathless eyes;
A hand was seen drawing the golden bars
That guard the imperishable secrecies.
(S 16)
A key turned in a mystic lock of Time.
(S 17)
1490 But where the silence of the gods had passed,
A greater harmony from the stillness born
Surprised with joy and sweetness yearning hearts,
An ecstasy and a laughter and a cry.
(S 18)
A power leaned down, a happiness found its home.
(S 19)
1495 Over wide earth brooded the infinite bliss.