Part 3 (Book IX – XII)
Book 9: The Book of Eternal Night

Canto 1 – Towards the Black Void

(S 1)
SO WAS she left alone in the huge wood,
Surrounded by a dim unthinking world,
Her husband’s corpse on her forsaken breast.
(S 2)
In her vast silent spirit motionless
5 She measured not her loss with helpless thoughts,
Nor rent with tears the marble seals of pain:
She rose not yet to face the dreadful god.
(S 3)
Over the body she loved her soul leaned out
In a great stillness without stir or voice,
10 As if her mind had died with Satyavan.
(S 4)
But still the human heart in her beat on.
(S 5)
Aware still of his being near to hers,
Closely she clasped to her the mute lifeless form
As though to guard the oneness they had been
15 And keep the spirit still within its frame.
(S 6)
Then suddenly there came on her the change
Which in tremendous moments of our lives
Can overtake sometimes the human soul
And hold it up towards its luminous source.
(S 7)
20 The veil is torn, the thinker is no more:
Only the spirit sees and all is known.
(S 8)
Then a calm Power seated above our brows
Is seen, unshaken by our thoughts and deeds,
Its stillness bears the voices of the world:
25 Immobile, it moves Nature, looks on life.
(S 9)
It shapes immutably its far-seen ends;
Untouched and tranquil amid error and tears
And measureless above our striving wills,
Its gaze controls the turbulent whirl of things.
(S 10)
30 To mate with the Glory it sees, the spirit grows:
The voice of life is tuned to infinite sounds,
The moments on great wings of lightning come
And godlike thoughts surprise the mind of earth.
(S 11)
Into the soul’s splendour and intensity
35 A crescent of miraculous birth is tossed,
Whose horn of mystery floats in a bright void.
(S 12)
As into a heaven of strength and silence thought
Is ravished, all this living mortal clay
Is seized and in a swift and fiery flood
40 Of touches shaped by a Harmonist unseen.
(S 13)
A new sight comes, new voices in us form
A body of the music of the Gods.
(S 14)
Immortal yearnings without name leap down,
Large quiverings of godhead seeking run
45 And weave upon a puissant field of calm
A high and lonely ecstasy of will.
(S 15)
This in a moment’s depths was born in her.
(S 16)
Now to the limitless gaze disclosed that sees
Things barred from human thinking’s earthly lids,
Out of his luminous nest within the worlds:
Like a vast fire it climbed the skies of night.
(S 17)
Thus were the cords of self-oblivion torn:
Like one who looks up to far heights she saw,
55 Ancient and strong as on a windless summit
Above her where she had worked in her lone mind
Labouring apart in a sole tower of self,
The source of all which she had seemed or wrought,
A power projected into cosmic space,
60 A slow embodiment of the aeonic will,
A starry fragment of the eternal Truth,
The passionate instrument of an unmoved Power.
(S 18)
A Presence was there that filled the listening world;
A central All assumed her boundless life.
(S 19)
65 A sovereignty, a silence and a swiftness,
One brooded over abysses who was she.
(S 20)
As in a choric robe of unheard sounds
A Force descended trailing endless lights;
Linking Time’s seconds to infinity,
70 Illimitably it girt the earth and her:
It sank into her soul and she was changed.
(S 21)
Then like a thought fulfilled by some great word
That mightiness assumed a symbol form:
Her being’s spaces quivered with its touch,
75 It covered her as with immortal wings;
On its lips the curve of the unuttered Truth,
A halo of Wisdom’s lightnings for its crown,
It entered the mystic lotus in her head,
A thousand-petalled home of power and light.
(S 22)
80 Immortal leader of her mortality,
Doer of her works and fountain of her words,
Invulnerable by Time, omnipotent,
It stood above her calm, immobile, mute.