The Story of Savitri – a Legend and a Symbol


The Indian legend of Satyavan and Savitri appears as an episode in the renowned Indian epic, the Mahabharata. As such It is widely known in India and in many families the rescue from a premature death of her husband Satyavan by the young princess Savitri is commemorated annually. In this traditional tale Sri Aurobindo has seen elements of an ancient Vedic knowledge and psychological symbolism which led him to use it as a poetic vehicle for expressing his spiritual philosophy of the Life and the World. His spiritual collaborator The Mother has referred to it as  ‘the supreme revelation of Sri Aurobindo’s vision’.

The Summaries

Part 1 (Books I-III)
Book 1 – The book of the Beginnings

Book 2 – The book of the World Traveler

Book 3 – The Book of the Divine Mother

Part 2 (Book IV – VIII)
Book 4: The Book of Birth and Quest
Book 5 – The Book of Love
Book 6 – The Book of Fate
Book 7 – The Book of Yoga
Book 8 – The Book of Death
Part 3 (Book IX – XII)
Book 9 – The Book of Eternal Night
Book 10 – The Book of the Double Twilight
Book 11 – The Book of Everlasting Day
Book 12 – Epilogue