Web-projects on Savitri


savitri.net.in is focusing mainly on the audio recording of Savitri by Shraddhavan. As a native speaker from London her recording gives a great opportunity to learn a correct and beautiful pronunciation of the poem. The creators of savitri.net.in have undertaken the effort to cut the whole recording sentence-wise and connect it to the text. Apart from this the page is providing more information on the background of Savitri and it’s correct pronunciation.


savitri.in is an extensive web-project to explore Savitri. It not only provides the different editions of the book sentence-wise, but connects the words to online-dictionaries, gives qoutes from Sri Aurobindo and Mother, provides information on the structure of the sentences, has a big online library with many important books and much more. The project is connected to a Android and iPhone app which makes it possible to explore the information in a comfortable way on the smartphone as well.


auromaa.org is a blog publishing all kinds of information Sri Aurobindo, Mother and the Integral Yoga, but in this having a big section on Savitri with a lot of interesting texts, audios and videos to explore. The information on Savitri are mainly provided by the different activities of the the Ashram teacher Dr. Alok Pandey. It is possible to subscribe to a weekly newsletter to be informed about the regular new publications on the website.


savitrithepoem.com is providing a online copy of Savitri presented page-wise in accordance to the printed version. Besides this one can find a digital copy of Sri Aurobindo’s Letters on Yoga aswell as Mother’s recordings on Savitri

Please inform us if you know about other inspiring online projects that could be added here!