Video Presentations on Savitri

Out of the many diverse video resources available online, mainly on YouTube, on this page we publish those we found which present their information in a well edited form, organized in a proper playlist which makes the information available in a orderly way.

Savitri Bhavan offers a collection of videos including mainly recordings of Shraddhavan’s regular class ‘The English of Savitri’ which is a reading of the whole book of Savitri  explaining the content with a special focus on the English language. The collection also provides talks from the ‘Dr. M.V. Nadkarni Memorial Lectures’ and some more material.

In this YouTube channel Alok Pandey and Narad present their talk on Savitri. The series starts with an introduction and a line by line reading with commentaries until the middle of book two. Then they change to a discussion on different topics based on text excepts from Savitri.

Please inform us if you know about other inspiring online projects that could be added here!