(S 1)
Adventuring once more in the natal mist
Across the dangerous haze, the pregnant stir,
He through the astral chaos shore a way
755 Mid the grey faces of its demon gods,
Questioned by whispers of its flickering ghosts,
Besieged by sorceries of its fluent force.
(S 2)
As one who walks unguided through strange fields
Tending he knows not where nor with what hope,
760 He trod a soil that failed beneath his feet
And journeyed in stone strength to a fugitive end.
(S 3)
His trail behind him was a vanishing line
Of glimmering points in a vague immensity;
A bodiless murmur travelled at his side
765 In the wounded gloom complaining against light.
(S 4)
A huge obstruction its immobile heart,
The watching opacity multiplied as he moved
Its hostile mass of dead and staring eyes;
The darkness glimmered like a dying torch.
(S 5)
770 Around him an extinguished phantom glow
Peopled with shadowy and misleading shapes
The vague Inconscient’s dark and measureless cave.
(S 6)
His only sunlight was his spirit’s flame.