Resources for Savitri Encyclopedia

In order of priority

The proposal is that each researcher involved in the project can be asked to take up one particular resource and deal with it exhaustively, as their contribution to the Encyclopedia. All contributions can be keyed into the text of the poem – if necessary in a separate file for each canto or section –in the form of footnotes or whatever other form of reference is found most convenient.

Sri Aurobindo :

  • Text of the poem in Selected Works of Sri Aurobindo software – the search engine allows us to find all uses of a particular word in the poem, so that its usage in a different contexts can be identified (some words have more than one meaning and are used with different meanings in different places)
  • letters on Savitri [these are published at the end of some editions of the poem, and also as a separate volume. They have been compiled by Amal Kiran (K.D. Sethna) who has added some notes, and an introduction to the book]
  • some comments in talks [to be traced in the ‘Evening Talks’ recorded by Nirodbaran and Purani]

The Mother :

  • her comments published in the four volumes of About Savitri
  • Messages published in MCW volume 13
  • Comments and references in the Agenda [these have been collected, and in some cases Satprem’s notes have been corrected, in the research project ‘Savitri References in the Mother’s Agenda’ – the French and English versions are available at Savitri Bhavan in hard copy and on CD]
  • Remarks to Huta [available in full only in her notebooks, which have yet to be systematised and digitised; some have been published in Huta’s various writingsmainly in My Savitri Work with the Mother – full digitised mss available with Shraddhavan and Tatiana.
  • Remarks to Mona Sarkar [published in his books]
  • Her recitations
  • Sunil-da’s music

Other sources:

  • Amal Kiran (K.D. Sethna) : [indexed digital versions of the collection ‘Writings on Savitri’ vols. 1 and 2 are available with Tatiana and Shraddhavan.]
  • Nolini Kanta Gupta – ‘On Savitri’ – [possibly available on-line ?]
  • A.B. Purani : 2 books on Savitri
  • Deshpande, R.Y., Perspectives on Savitri, vols. 1 and 2 [collections of essays by various writersavailable in Savitri Bhavan RR.]
  • Pandit, M.P. – several books on Savitri – [all available in Savitri Bhavan RR]
  • Nadkarni, M.V. – essays and transcripts of talks [‘The Golden Bridge’ and some other materials are now available in ‘Word’ format with Shraddhavan
  • All issues of Invocation – [many interesting items from many different sources – indexed – available in pdf and on CD]
  • Shraddhavan – The English of Savitri and Proceedings of the Savitri Study Circle [all the recorded material needs to be edited, transcribed and checked before use]
  • List of journal articles on Savitri [under preparation by Shraddhavan and RR staff]
  • Mother India – index
  • Hicks, Rand – Savitri Dictionary [a useful tool – but his definitions need to be checked]
  • Sri Aurobindo Archives – Supplement to the Revised Edition of Savitri [this text gives tables of alternative readings and emendations]