Online book resources

Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The Sri Aurobindo Ashram provides on it’s website the collected works of Sri Aurobindo and Mother in it’s actual editions. They are the result of an extensive editing and research work done by the the Ashram Book Department (SABDA). They can be downloaded for free in PDF format. offers a huge range of books on all aspects of the Integral Yoga. Many of them are for free, the others have to be purchased.  The books are provided as PDFs as well as in the ebook-reader formats EPUB and MOBI (for Kindle). Most writings if Sri Aurobindo and Mother are available here in ebook-format as well. provides a amazing range of digital versions of commentaries and explanations on Savitri by several authors. Here you find many of the ‘classics’ written on Savitri by the early disciples  of Sri Aurobindo and Mother.


Invocation is a regularly published booklet brought out by Savitri Bhavan both in printed and in digital form. In contains all kinds of information, including a lot of articles on Savitri with various topics by different authors. An overview of all the articles in all issues is provided so it is possible to get a quick overview. is another great source for wide range of writings of Sri Aurobindo and Mother as well as of writings by other authors on the Integral Yoga. An amazing feature of is that it is providing texts in 10 languages and so is a great source of information for readers from many countries. Also there is a nice version of Mothers Agenda in different languages, giving access to the text in a kind of calendar.

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