(S 1)
As so he grew into his larger self,
Humanity framed his movements less and less;
A greater being saw a greater world.
(S 2)
A fearless will for knowledge dared to erase EoS
150 The lines of safety Reason draws that bar
Mind’s soar, soul’s dive into the Infinite.
(S 3)
Even his first steps broke our small earth-bounds
And loitered in a vaster freer air.
(S 4)
In hands sustained by a transfiguring Might
155 He caught up lightly like a giant’s bow
Left slumbering in a sealed and secret cave
The powers that sleep unused in man within.
(S 5)
He made of miracle a normal act
And turned to a common part of divine works,
160 Magnificently natural at this height,
Efforts that would shatter the strength of mortal hearts,
Pursued in a royalty of mighty ease
Aims too sublime for Nature’s daily will:
The gifts of the spirit crowding came to him;
165 They were his life’s pattern and his privilege.
(S 6)
A pure perception lent its lucent joy: EoS
Its intimate vision waited not to think;
It enveloped all Nature in a single glance,
It looked into the very self of things;
Deceived no more by form he saw the soul.
(S 7)
In beings it knew what lurked to them unknown;
It seized the idea in mind, the wish in the heart;
It plucked out from grey folds of secrecy
The motives which from their own sight men hide.
(S 8)
175 He felt the beating life in other men EoS
Invade him with their happiness and their grief;
Their love, their anger, their unspoken hopes
Entered in currents or in pouring waves
Into the immobile ocean of his calm.
(S 9)
180 He heard the inspired sound of his own thoughts
Re-echoed in the vault of other minds;
The world’s thought-streams travelled into his ken;
His inner self grew near to others’ selves
And bore a kinship’s weight, a common tie,
185 Yet stood untouched, king of itself, alone.
(S 10)
A magical accord quickened and attuned
To ethereal symphonies the old earthy strings;
It raised the servitors of mind and life
To be happy partners in the soul’s response,
Tissue and nerve were turned to sensitive chords,
Records of lustre and ecstasy; it made
The body’s means the spirit’s acolytes.
(S 11)
A heavenlier function with a finer mode
Lit with its grace man’s outward earthliness;
195 The soul’s experience of its deeper sheaths
No more slept drugged by Matter’s dominance.
(S 12)
In the dead wall closing us from wider self,
Into a secrecy of apparent sleep,
The mystic tract beyond our waking thoughts,
A door parted, built in by Matter’s force,
Releasing things unseized by earthly sense:
A world unseen, unknown by outward mind
Appeared in the silent spaces of the soul.
(S 13)
He sat in secret chambers looking out
205 Into the luminous countries of the unborn
Where all things dreamed by the mind are seen and true
And all that the life longs for is drawn close.
(S 14)
He saw the Perfect in their starry homes
Wearing the glory of a deathless form,
210 Lain in the arms of the Eternal’s peace,
Rapt in the heart-beats of God-ecstasy.
(S 15)
He lived in the mystic space where thought is born EoS
And will is nursed by an ethereal Power
And fed on the white milk of the Eternal’s strengths
215 Till it grows into the likeness of a god.
(S 16)
In the Witness’s occult rooms with mind-built walls EoS
Opened the windows of the inner sight.
(S 17)
He owned the house of undivided Time.
(S 18)
220 Lifting the heavy curtain of the flesh
He stood upon a threshold serpent-watched,
And peered into gleaming endless corridors,
Silent and listening in the silent heart
For the coming of the new and the unknown.
(S 19)
225 He gazed across the empty stillnesses
And heard the footsteps of the undreamed Idea
In the far avenues of the Beyond.
(S 20)
He heard the secret Voice, the Word that knows,
And saw the secret face that is our own.
(S 21)
230 The inner planes uncovered their crystal doors;
Strange powers and influences touched his life.
(S 22)
A vision came of higher realms than ours,
A consciousness of brighter fields and skies,
Of beings less circumscribed than brief-lived men
235 And subtler bodies than these passing frames,
Objects too fine for our material grasp,
Acts vibrant with a superhuman light
And movements pushed by a superconscient force,
And joys that never flowed through mortal limbs,
240 And lovelier scenes than earth’s and happier lives.
(S 23)
A consciousness of beauty and of bliss,
A knowledge which became what it perceived,
Replaced the separated sense and heart
And drew all Nature into its embrace.
(S 24)
Air glowed and teemed with marvellous shapes and hues,
In the nostrils quivered celestial fragrances,
On the tongue lingered the honey of paradise.
(S 25)
A channel of universal harmony,
250 Hearing was a stream of magic audience,
A bed for occult sounds earth cannot hear.
(S 26)
That flows beneath the cosmic surfaces,
255 Only mid an omniscient silence heard,
Held by intuitive heart and secret sense.
(S 27)
It caught the burden of secrecies sealed and dumb,
It voiced the unfulfilled demand of earth
And the song of promise of unrealised heavens
260 And all that hides in an omnipotent Sleep.
(S 28)
In the unceasing drama carried by Time
On its long listening flood that bears the world’s
Insoluble doubt on a pilgrimage without goal,
A laughter of sleepless pleasure foamed and spumed
And murmurings of desire that cannot die:
A cry came of the world’s delight to be,
The grandeur and greatness of its will to live,
Recall of the soul’s adventure into space,
A traveller through the magic centuries
270 And being’s labour in Matter’s universe,
Its search for the mystic meaning of its birth
And joy of high spiritual response,
Its throb of satisfaction and content
In all the sweetness of the gifts of life,
275 Its large breath and pulse and thrill of hope and fear,
Its taste of pangs and tears and ecstasy,
Its rapture’s poignant beat of sudden bliss,
The sob of its passion and unending pain.
(S 29)
The murmur and whisper of the unheard sounds
280 Which crowd around our hearts but find no window
To enter, swelled into a canticle
Of all that suffers to be still unknown
And all that labours vainly to be born
And all the sweetness none will ever taste
285 And all the beauty that will never be.
(S 30)
Inaudible to our deaf mortal ears EoS
The wide world-rhythms stupendous their stupendous chant
To which life strives to fit our rhyme-beats here,
Melting our limits in the illimitable,
290 Tuning the finite to infinity.
(S 31)
A low muttering rose from the subconscient caves,
The stammer of the primal ignorance;
Answer to that inarticulate questioning,
There stooped with lightning neck and thunder’s wings
295 A radiant hymn to the Inexpressible
And the anthem of the superconscient light.
(S 32)
All was revealed there none can here express;
Vision and dream were fables spoken by truth
Or symbols more veridical than fact,
Or were truths enforced by supernatural seals.
(S 33)
Immortal eyes approached and looked in his, EoS
And beings of many kingdoms neared and spoke:
The ever-living whom we name as dead
Could leave their glory beyond death and birth
To utter the wisdom which exceeds all phrase:
The kings of evil and the kings of good,
Appellants at the reason’s judgment seat,
Proclaimed the gospel of their opposites,
And all believed themselves spokesmen of God:
310 The gods of light and titans of the dark
Battled for his soul as for a costly prize.
(S 34)
In every hour loosed from the quiver of Time
There rose a song of new discovery,
A bow-twang’s hum of young experiment.
(S 35)
315 Each day was a spiritual romance,
As if he was born into a bright new world;
Adventure leaped an unexpected friend,
And danger brought a keen sweet tang of joy;
Each happening was a deep experience.
(S 36)
There were high encounters, epic colloquies,
And counsels came couched in celestial speech,
And honeyed pleadings breathed from occult lips
To help the heart to yield to rapture’s call,
And sweet temptations stole from beauty’s realms
325 And sudden ecstasies from a world of bliss.
(S 37)
It was a region of wonder and delight.
(S 38)
All now his bright clairaudience could receive;
A contact thrilled of mighty unknown things.
(S 39)
Awakened to new unearthly closenesses,
330 The touch replied to subtle infinities,
And with a silver cry of opening gates
Sight’s lightnings leaped into the invisible.
(S 40)
Ever his consciousness and vision grew;
They took an ampler sweep, a loftier flight;
335 He passed the border marked for Matter’s rule
And passed the zone where thought replaces life.
(S 41)
Out of this world of signs suddenly he came
Into a silent self where world was not
And looked beyond into a nameless vast.
(S 42)
340 These symbol figures lost their right to live, EoS
All tokens dropped our sense can recognise;
There the heart beat no more at body’s touch,
There the eyes gazed no more on beauty’s shape.
(S 43)
In rare and lucent intervals of hush
345 Into a signless region he could soar
Packed with the deep contents of formlessness
Where world was into a single being rapt
And all was known by the light of identity
And Spirit was its own self-evidence.
(S 44)
350 The Supreme’s gaze looked out through human eyes
And saw all things and creatures as itself
And knew all thought and word as its own voice.
(S 45)
There unity is too close for search and clasp
And love is a yearning of the One for the One,
355 And beauty is a sweet difference of the Same
And oneness is the soul of multitude.
(S 46)
There all the truths unite in a single Truth, EoS
And all ideas rejoin Reality.
(S 47)
There knowing herself by her own termless self,
360 Wisdom supernal, wordless, absolute
Sat uncompanioned in the eternal Calm,
All-seeing, motionless, sovereign and alone.
(S 48)
There knowledge needs not words to embody Idea;
Idea, seeking a house in boundlessness,
Weary of its homeless immortality,
Asks not in thought’s carved brilliant cell to rest
Whose single window’s clipped outlook on things
Sees only a little arc of God’s vast sky.
(S 49)
The boundless with the boundless there consorts;
370 While there, one can be wider than the world;
While there, one is one’s own infinity.
(S 50)
His centre was no more in earthly mind;
A power of seeing silence filled his limbs:
Caught by a voiceless white epiphany
375 Into a vision that surpasses forms,
Into a living that surpasses life,
He neared the still consciousness sustaining all.
(S 51)
The voice that only by speech can move the mind EoS
Became a silent knowledge in the soul;
380 The strength that only in action feels its truth
Was lodged now in a mute omnipotent peace.
(S 52)
A leisure in the labour of the worlds,
A pause in the joy and anguish of the search
Restored the stress of Nature to God’s calm.
(S 53)
A vast unanimity ended life’s debate.
(S 54)
The war of thoughts that fathers the universe,
The clash of forces struggling to prevail
In the tremendous shock that lights a star
As in the building of a grain of dust,
The grooves that turn their dumb ellipse in space
Ploughed by the seeking of the world’s desire,
The long regurgitations of Time’s flood,
The torment edging the dire force of lust
That wakes kinetic in earth’s dullard slime
And carves a personality out of mud,
The sorrow by which Nature’s hunger is fed,
The oestrus which creates with fire of pain,
The fate that punishes virtue with defeat,
The tragedy that destroys long happiness,
400 The weeping of Love, the quarrel of the Gods,
Ceased in a truth which lives in its own light.
(S 55)
His soul stood free, a witness and a king.
(S 56)
Absorbed no more in the moment-ridden flux
Where mind incessantly drifts as on a raft
405 Hurried from phenomenon to phenomenon,
He abode at rest in indivisible Time.
(S 57)
As if a story long written but acted now,
In his present he held his future and his past,
Felt in the seconds the uncounted years
410 And saw the hours like dots upon a page.
(S 58)
An aspect of the unknown Reality
Altered the meaning of the cosmic scene.
(S 59)
This huge material universe became
A small result of a stupendous force:
415 Overtaking the moment the eternal Ray
Illumined That which never yet was made.
(S 60)
Thought lay down in a mighty voicelessness; EoS
The toiling Thinker widened and grew still,
Wisdom transcendent touched his quivering heart:
420 His soul could sail beyond thought’s luminous bar;
Mind screened no more the shoreless infinite.
(S 61)
Across a void retreating sky he glimpsed
Through a last glimmer and drift of vanishing stars
The superconscient realms of motionless Peace
425 Where judgment ceases and the word is mute
And the Unconceived lies pathless and alone.
(S 62)
There came not form or any mounting voice;
There only were Silence and the Absolute.
(S 63)
Out of that stillness mind new-born arose EoS
430 And woke to truths once inexpressible,
And forms appeared, dumbly significant,
A seeing thought, a self-revealing voice.
(S 64)
He knew the source from which his spirit came:
Movement was married to the immobile Vast;
435 He plunged his roots into the Infinite,
He based his life upon eternity.