(S 1)
A Seer within who knows the ordered plan EoS
240 Concealed behind our momentary steps,
Inspires our ascent to viewless heights
As once the abysmal leap to earth and life.
(S 2)
His call had reached the Traveller in Time. EoS
(S 3)
Apart in an unfathomed loneliness,
245 He travelled in his mute and single strength
Bearing the burden of the world’s desire.
(S 4)
A formless Stillness called, a nameless Light.
(S 5)
Above him was the white immobile Ray,
Around him the eternal Silences.
(S 6)
250 No term was fixed to the high-pitched attempt; EoS
World after world disclosed its guarded powers,
Heaven after heaven its deep beatitudes,
But still the invisible Magnet drew his soul.
(S 7)
A figure sole on Nature’s giant stair, EoS
255 He mounted towards an indiscernible end
On the bare summit of created things.