(S 1)
150 Thus taken was God’s plunge into the Night. EoS
(S 2)
This fallen world became a nurse of souls
Inhabited by concealed divinity.
(S 3)
A Being woke and lived in the meaningless void, EoS
A world-wide Nescience strove towards life and thought,
155 A Consciousness plucked out from mindless sleep.
(S 4)
All here is driven by an insentient will.
(S 5)
Thus fallen, inconscient, frustrate, dense, inert,
Sunk into inanimate and torpid drowse
Earth lay, a drudge of sleep, forced to create
160 By a subconscient yearning memory
Left from a happiness dead before she was born,
An alien wonder on her senseless breast.
(S 6)
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
165 A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
(S 7)
This is the destiny bequeathed to her, EoS
As if a slain god left a golden trust
To a blind force and an imprisoned soul.
(S 8)
An immortal godhead’s perishable parts
170 She must reconstitute from fragments lost,
Reword from a document complete elsewhere
Her doubtful title to her divine Name.
(S 9)
A residue her sole inheritance,
All things she carries in her shapeless dust.
(S 10)
175 Her giant energy tied to petty forms EoS
In the slow tentative motion of her power
With only frail blunt instruments for use,
She has accepted as her nature’s need
And given to man as his stupendous work
180 A labour to the gods impossible.
(S 11)
A life living hardly in a field of death EoS
Its portion claims of immortality;
A brute half-conscious body serves as means
A mind that must recover a knowledge lost
185 Held in stone grip by the world’s inconscience,
And wearing still these countless knots of Law
A spirit bound stand up as Nature’s king.
(S 12)
A mighty kinship is this daring’s cause.
(S 13)
All we attempt in this imperfect world,
190 Looks forward or looks back beyond Time’s gloss
To its pure idea and firm inviolate type
In an absolute creation’s flawless skill.
(S 14)
To seize the absolute in shapes that pass,
To fix the eternal’s touch in time-made things,
195 This is the law of all perfection here.
(S 15)
A fragment here is caught of heaven’s design;
Else could we never hope for greater life
And ecstasy and glory could not be.
(S 16)
Even in the littleness of our mortal state, EoS
200 Even in this prison-house of outer form,
A brilliant passage for the infallible Flame
Is driven through gross walls of nerve and brain,
A Splendour presses or a Power breaks through,
Earth’s great dull barrier is removed awhile,
205 The inconscient seal is lifted from our eyes
And we grow vessels of creative might.
(S 17)
The enthusiasm of a divine surprise
Pervades our life, a mystic stir is felt,
A joyful anguish trembles in our limbs;
210 A dream of beauty dances through the heart,
A thought from the eternal Mind draws near,
Intimations cast from the Invisible
Awaking from Infinity’s sleep come down,
Symbols of That which never yet was made.
(S 18)
215 But soon the inert flesh responds no more, EoS
Then sinks the sacred orgy of delight,
The blaze of passion and the tide of power
Are taken from us and, though a glowing form
Abides astonishing earth, imagined supreme,
220 Too little of what was meant has left a trace.
(S 19)
Earth’s eyes half-see, her forces half-create;
Her rarest works are copies of heaven’s art.
(S 20)
A radiance of a golden artifice,
A masterpiece of inspired device and rule,
225 Her forms hide what they house and only mime
The unseized miracle of self-born shapes
That live for ever in the Eternal’s gaze.
(S 21)
Here in a difficult half-finished world EoS
Is a slow toiling of unconscious Powers;
230 Here is man’s ignorant divining mind,
His genius born from an inconscient soil.
(S 22)
To copy on earth’s copies is his art.
(S 23)
For when he strives for things surpassing earth,
Too rude the workman’s tools, too crude his stuff,
235 And hardly with his heart’s blood he achieves
His transient house of the divine Idea,
His figure of a Time-inn for the Unborn.
(S 24)
Our being thrills with high far memories
And would bring down their dateless meanings here,
240 But, too divine for earthly Nature’s scheme,
Beyond our reach the eternal marvels blaze.
(S 25)
Absolute they dwell, unborn, immutable,
Immaculate in the Spirit’s deathless air,
Immortal in a world of motionless Time
245 And an unchanging muse of deep self-space.
(S 26)
Only when we have climbed above ourselves,
A line of the Transcendent meets our road
And joins us to the timeless and the true;
It brings to us the inevitable word,
250 The godlike act, the thoughts that never die.
(S 27)
A ripple of light and glory wraps the brain, EoS
And travelling down the moment’s vanishing route
The figures of eternity arrive.
(S 28)
As the mind’s visitors or the heart’s guests
255 They espouse our mortal brevity awhile,
Or seldom in some rare delivering glimpse
Are caught by our vision’s delicate surmise.
(S 29)
Although beginnings only and first attempts, EoS
These glimmerings point to the secret of our birth
260 And the hidden miracle of our destiny.
(S 30)
What we are there and here on earth shall be
Is imaged in a contact and a call.
(S 31)
As yet earth’s imperfection is our sphere,
Our nature’s glass shows not our real self;
265 That greatness still abides held back within.
(S 32)
Earth’s doubting future hides our heritage: EoS
The Light now distant shall grow native here,
The Strength that visits us our comrade power;
The Ineffable shall find a secret voice,
270 The Imperishable burn through Matter’s screen
Making this mortal body godhead’s robe.
(S 33)
The Spirit’s greatness is our timeless source
And it shall be our crown in endless Time.
(S 34)
A vast Unknown is round us and within;
275 All things are wrapped in the dynamic One:
A subtle link of union joins all life.
(S 35)
Thus all creation is a single chain: EoS
We are not left alone in a closed scheme
Between a driving of inconscient Force
280 And an incommunicable Absolute.
(S 36)
Our life is a spur in a sublime soul-range,
Our being looks beyond its walls of mind
And it communicates with greater worlds;
There are brighter earths and wider heavens than ours.
(S 37)
285 There are realms where Being broods in its own depths; EoS
It feels in its immense dynamic core
Its nameless, unformed, unborn potencies
Cry for expression in the unshaped Vast:
Ineffable beyond Ignorance and death, EoS
290 The images of its everlasting Truth
Look out from a chamber of its self-rapt soul:
As if to its own inner witness gaze
The Spirit holds up its mirrored self and works,
The power and passion of its timeless heart,
295 The figures of its formless ecstasy,
The grandeurs of its multitudinous might.
(S 38)
Thence comes the mystic substance of our souls
Into the prodigy of our nature’s birth,
There is the unfallen height of all we are
300 And dateles fount of all we hope to be.
(S 39)
On every plane the hieratic Power,
Initiate of unspoken verities,
Dreams to transcribe and make a part of life
In its own native style and living tongue
305 Some trait of the perfection of the Unborn,
Some vision seen in the omniscient Light,
Some far tone of the immortal rhapsodist Voice,
Some rapture of the all-creating Bliss,
Some form and plan of the Beauty unutterable.
(S 40)
310 Worlds are there nearer to those absolute realms, EoS
Where the response to Truth is swift and sure
And spirit is not hampered by its frame
And hearts by sharp division seized and rent
And delight and beauty are inhabitants
315 And love and sweetness are the law of life.
(S 41)
A finer substance in a subtler mould
Embodies the divinity earth but dreams;
Its strength can overtake joy’s running feet;
Overleaping the fixed hurdles set by Time,
320 The rapid net of an intuitive clasp
Captures the fugitive happiness we desire.
(S 42)
A Nature lifted by a larger breath,
Plastic and passive to the all-shaping Fire,
Answers the flaming Godhead’s casual touch:
325 Immune from our inertia of response
It hears the word to which our hearts are deaf,
Adopts the seeing of immortal eyes
And, traveller on the roads of line and hue,
Pursues the spirit of beauty to its home.
(S 43)
330 Thus we draw near to the All-Wonderful
Following his rapture in things as sign and guide;
Beauty is his footprint showing us where he has passed,
Love is his heart-beats’ rhythm in mortal breasts,
Happiness the smile on his adorable face.
(S 44)
335 A communion of spiritual entities, EoS
A genius of creative Immanence,
Makes all creation deeply intimate:
A fourth dimension of aesthetic sense
Where all is in ourselves, ourselves in all,
340 To the cosmic wideness re-aligns our souls.
(S 45)
A kindling rapture joins the seer and seen; EoS
The craftsman and the craft grown inly one
Achieve perfection by the magic throb
And passion of their close identity.
(S 46)
345 All that we slowly piece from gathered parts,
Or by long labour stumblingly evolve,
Is there self-born by its eternal right.
(S 47)
In us too the intuitive Fire can burn;
An agent Light, it is coiled in our folded hearts,
350 On the celestial levels is its home:
Descending, it can bring those heavens here.
(S 48)
But rarely burns the flame nor burns for long; EoS
The joy it calls from those diviner heights
Brings brief magnificent reminiscences
355 And high splendid glimpses of interpreting thought,
But not the utter vision and delight.
(S 49)
A veil is kept, something is still held back,
Lest, captives of the beauty and the joy,
Our souls forget to the Highest to aspire.