(S 1)
This now revealed its antique face of joy,
A sudden disclosure to the heart of grief
Tempting it to endure and long and hope.
(S 2)
Even in changing worlds bereft of peace, EoS
95 In an air racked with sorrow and with fear
And while his feet trod on a soil unsafe,
He saw the image of a happier state.
(S 3)
In an architecture of hieratic Space
Circling and mounting towards creation’s tops,
100 At a blue height which never was too high
For warm communion between body and soul,
As far as heaven, as near as thought and hope,
Glimmered the kingdom of a griefless life.
(S 4)
Above him in a new celestial vault
105 Other than the heavens beheld by mortal eyes,
As on a fretted ceiling of the gods,
An archipelago of laughter and fire,
Swam stars apart in a rippled sea of sky.
(S 5)
Towered spirals, magic rings of vivid hue
110 And gleaming spheres of strange felicity
Floated through distance like a symbol world.
(S 6)
On the trouble and the toil they could not share, EoS
On the unhappiness they could not aid,
Impervious to life’s suffering, struggle, grief,
115 Untarnished by its anger, gloom and hate,
Unmoved, untouched, looked down great visioned planes
Blissful for ever in their timeless right.
(S 7)
Absorbed in their own beauty and content,
Of their immortal gladness they live sure.
(S 8)
120 Apart in their self-glory plunged, remote
Burning they swam in a vague lucent haze,
An everlasting refuge of dream-light,
A nebula of the splendours of the gods
Made from the musings of eternity.
(S 9)
125 Almost unbelievable by human faith,
Hardly they seemed the stuff of things that are.
(S 10)
As through a magic televisions glass EoS
Outlined to some magnifying inner eye
They shone like images thrown from a far scene
130 Too high and glad for mortal lids to seize .
(S 11)
But near and real to the longing heart
And to the body’s passionate thought and sense
Are the hidden kingdoms of beatitude.
(S 12)
In some close unattained realm which yet we feel,
135 Immune from the harsh clutch of Death and Time,
Escaping the search of sorrow and desire,
In bright enchanted safe peripheries
For ever wallowing in bliss they lie.
(S 13)
In dream and trance and muse before our eyes,
140 Across a subtle vision’s inner field,
Wide rapturous landscapes fleeting from the sight,
The figures of the perfect kingdom pass
And behind them leave a shining memory’s trail.
(S 14)
Imagined scenes or great eternal worlds,
145 Dream-caught or sensed, they touch our hearts with their depths;
Unreal-seeming, yet more real than life,
Happier than happiness, truer than things true,
If dreams these were or captured images,
Dream’s truth made false earth’s vain realities.
(S 15)
150 In a swift eternal moment fixed there live EoS
Or ever recalled come back to longing eyes
Calm heavens of imperishable Light,
Illumined continents of violet peace, SAQ
Oceans and rivers of the mirth of God
155 And griefless countries under purple suns.