(S 1)
In this slow ascension he must follow her pace EoS
Even from her faint and dim subconscious start:
So only can earth’s last salvation come.
(S 2)
For so only could he know the obscure cause
115 Of all that holds us back and baffles God
In the jail-delivery of the imprisoned soul.
(S 3)
Along swift paths of fall through dangerous gates EoS
He chanced into a grey obscurity
Teeming with instincts from the mindless gulfs
120 That pushed to wear a form and win a place.
(S 4)
Life here was intimate with Death and Night
And ate Death’s food that she might breathe awhile;
She was their inmate and adopted waif.
(S 5)
Accepting subconscience, in dumb darkness’ reign
125 A sojourner, she hoped not any more.
(S 6)
There far away from Truth and luminous thought EoS
He saw the original seat, the separate birth
Of the dethroned, deformed and suffering Power.
(S 7)
An unhappy face of falsity made true,
130 A contradiction of our divine birth,
Indifferent to beauty and to light,
Parading she flaunted her animal disgrace
Unhelped by camouflage, brutal and bare,
An authentic image recognised and signed EoS
135 Of her outcast force exiled from heaven and hope,
Fallen, glorying in the vileness of her state,
The grovel of a strength once half divine,
The graceless squalor of her beast desires,
The staring visage of her ignorance,
140 The naked body of her poverty.
(S 8)
Here first she crawled out from her cabin of mud
Where she had lain inconscient, rigid, mute:
Its narrowness and torpor held her still,
A darkness clung to her uneffaced by Light.
(S 9)
145 There neared no touch redeeming from above: EoS
The upward look was alien to her sight,
Forgotten the fearless godhead of her walk;
Renounced was the glory and felicity,
The adventure in the dangerous fields of Time:
150 Hardly she availed, wallowing, to bear and live.