(S 1)
Even while he stood on being’s naked edge EoS
And all the passion and seeking of his soul
75 Faced their extinction in some featureless Vast,
The Presence he yearned for suddenly drew close.
(S 2)
Across the silence of the ultimate Calm,
Out of a marvellous Transcendence’ core,
A body of wonder and translucency
80 As if a sweet mystic summary of her self
Escaping into the original Bliss
Had come enlarged out of eternity,
Someone came infinite and absolute.
(S 3)
A being of wisdom, power and delight,
85 Even as a mother draws her child to her arms,
Took to her breast Nature and world and soul.
(S 4)
Abolishing the signless emptiness,
Breaking the vacancy and voiceless hush,
Piercing the limitless Unknowable,
90 Into the liberty of the motionless depths
A beautiful and felicitous lustre stole.
(S 5)
The Power, the Light, the Bliss no word can speak
Imaged itself in a surprising beam
And built a golden passage to his heart
Touching through him all longing sentient things.
(S 6)
A moment’s sweetness of the All-Beautiful EoS
Cancelled the vanity of the cosmic whirl.
(S 7)
A Nature throbbing with a Heart divine
Was felt in the unconscious universe;
100 It made the breath a happy mystery.
(S 8)
A love that bore the cross of pain with joy
Eudaemonised the sorrow of the world,
Made happy the weight of long unending Time,
The secret caught of God’s felicity.
(S 9)
105 Affirming in life a hidden ecstasy EoS
It held the spirit to its miraculous course;
Carrying immortal values to the hours
It justified the labour of the suns.
(S 10)
For one was there supreme behind the God.
(S 11)
A Mother Might brooded upon the world;
A Consciousness revealed its marvellous front
Transcending all that is, denying none:
Imperishable above our fallen heads
He felt a rapturous and unstumbling Force.
(S 12)
115 The undying Truth appeared, the enduring Power
Of all that here is made and then destroyed,
The Mother of all godheads and all strengths
Who, mediatrix, binds earth to the Supreme.
(S 13)
The Enigma ceased that rules our nature’s night,
The covering Nescience was unmasked and slain;
Its mind of error was stripped off from things
And the dull moods of its perverting will.
(S 14)
Illumined by her all-seeing identity EoS
Knowledge and Ignorance could strive no more;
No longer could the titan Opposites,
Antagonist poles of the world’s artifice,
Impose the illusion of their twofold screen
Throwing their figures between us and her.
(S 15)
The Wisdom was near, disguised by its own works,
130 Of which the darkened universe is the robe.
(S 16)
No more existence seemed an aimless fall,
Extinction was no more the sole release.
(S 17)
The hidden Word was found, the long-sought clue,                                         EoS
Revealed was the meaning of our spirit’s birth,
Condemned to an imperfect body and mind,
In the inconscience of material things
And the indignity of mortal life.
(S 18)
A Heart was felt in the spaces wide and bare,
A burning Love from white spiritual founts
Annulled the sorrow of the ignorant depths;
Suffering was lost in her immortal smile.
(S 19)
A Life from beyond grew conqueror here of death; EoS
To err no more was natural to mind;
Wrong could not come where all was light and love.
(S 20)
145 The Formless and the Formed were joined in her:
Immensity was exceeded by a look,
A Face revealed the crowded Infinite.
(S 21)
Incarnating inexpressibly in her limbs
The boundless joy the blind world-forces seek,
Her body of beauty mooned the seas of bliss.
(S 22)
At the head she stands of birth and toil and fate,
In their slow round the cycles turn to her call;
Alone her hands can change Time’s dragon base.
(S 23)
Hers is the mystery the Night conceals; EoS
The spirit’s alchemist energy is hers;
She is the golden bridge, the wonderful fire.
(S 24)
The luminous heart of the Unknown is she,
A power of silence in the depths of God;
She is the Force, the inevitable Word,
The magnet of our difficult ascent,
The Sun from which we kindle all our suns,
The Light that leans from the unrealised Vasts,
The joy that beckons from the impossible,
The Might of all that never yet came down.
(S 25)
165 All Nature dumbly calls to her alone EoS
To heal with her feet the aching throb of life
And break the seals on the dim soul of man
And kindle her fire in the closed heart of things.
(S 26)
All here shall be one day her sweetness’ home, EoS
All contraries prepare her harmony;
Towards her our knowledge climbs, our passion gropes;
In her miraculous rapture we shall dwell,
Her clasp shall turn to ecstasy our pain.
(S 27)
Our self shall be one self with all through her.
(S 28)
175 In her confirmed because transformed in her,
Our life shall find in its fulfilled response
Above, the boundless hushed beatitudes,
Below, the wonder of the embrace divine.
(S 29)
This known as in a thunder-flash of God,
180 The rapture of things eternal filled his limbs;
Amazement fell upon his ravished sense;
His spirit was caught in her intolerant flame.
(S 30)
Once seen, his heart acknowledged only her. EoS
(S 31)
Only a hunger of infinite bliss was left.
(S 32)
185 All aims in her were lost, then found in her;
His base was gathered to one pointing spire.
(S 33)
This was a seed cast into endless Time.
(S 34)
A Word is spoken or a Light is shown,
A moment sees, the ages toil to express.
(S 35)
So flashing out of the Timeless leaped the worlds;
An eternal instant is the cause of the years.
(S 36)
All he had done was to prepare a field;
His small beginnings asked for a mighty end:
For all that he had been must now new-shape
In him her joy to embody, to enshrine
Her beauty and greatness in his house of life.
(S 37)
But now his being was too wide for self; EoS
His heart’s demand had grown immeasurable:
His single freedom could not satisfy,
200 Her light, her bliss he asked for earth and men.
(S 38)
But vain are human power and human love
To break earth’s seal of ignorance and death;
His nature’s might seemed now an infant’s grasp;
Heaven is too high for outstretched hands to seize.
(S 39)
205 This Light comes not by struggle or by thought; EoS
In the mind’s silence the Transcendent acts
And the hushed heart hears the unuttered Word.
(S 40)
A vast surrender was his only strength.
(S 41)
A Power that lives upon the heights must act,
210 Bring into life’s closed room the Immortal’s air
And fill the finite with the Infinite.
(S 42)
All that denies must be torn out and slain
And crushed the many longings for whose sake
We lose the One for whom our lives were made.
(S 43)
Now other claims had hushed in him their cry:
Only he longed to draw her presence and power
Into his heart and mind and breathing frame;
Only he yearned to call for ever down
Her healing touch of love and truth and joy
220 Into the darkness of the suffering world.
(S 44)
His soul was freed and given to her alone.