(S 1)
Alien now seemed that dim far universe,
Self and eternity alone were true.
(S 2)
Then memory climbed to him from the striving planes
Bringing a cry from once-loved cherished things,
And to the cry as to its own lost call
A ray replied from the occult Supreme.
(S 3)
For even there the boundless Oneness dwells.
(S 4)
To its own sight unrecognisable,
It lived still sunk in its own tenebrous seas,
Upholding the world’s inconscient unity
(S 5)
This seed-self sown in the Indeterminate
Forfeits its glory of divinity,
Concealing the omnipotence of its Force,
Concealing the omniscience of its Soul;
515 An agent of its own transcendent Will,
It merges knowledge in the inconscient deep;
Accepting error, sorrow, death and pain,
It pays the ransom of the ignorant Night,
Redeeming by its substance Nature’s fall.
(S 6)
520 Himself he knew and why his soul had gone EoS
Into earth’s passionate obscurity
To share the labour of an errant Power
Which by division hopes to find the One.
(S 7)
Two beings he was, one wide and free above, EoS
525 One struggling, bound, intense, its portion here.
(S 8)
A tie between them still could bridge two worlds;
There was a dim response, a distant breath;
All had not ceased in the unbounded hush.
(S 9)
His heart lay somewhere conscious and alone
530 Far down below him like a lamp in night;
Abandoned it lay, alone, imperishable,
Immobile with excess of passionate will,
His living, sacrificed and offered heart
Absorbed in adoration mystical,
535 Turned to its far-off fount of light and love.
(S 10)
In the luminous stillness of its mute appeal EoS
It looked up to the heights it could not see;
It yearned from the longing depths it could not leave.
(S 11)
In the centre of his vast and fateful trance
540 Half-way between his free and fallen selves,
Interceding twixt God’s day and the mortal’s night,
Accepting worship as its single law,
Accepting bliss as the sole cause of things,
Refusing theaustere joy which none can share,
545 Refusing the calm that lives for calm alone,
To her it turned for whom it willed to be.
(S 12)
In the passion of its solitary dream EoS
It lay like a closed soundless oratory
Where sleeps a consecrated argent floor
550 Lit by a single and untrembling ray
And an invisible Presence kneels in prayer.
(S 13)
On some deep breast of liberating peace
All else was satisfied with quietude;
This only knew there was a truth beyond.
(S 14)
555 All other parts were dumb in centred sleep EoS
Consenting to the slow deliberate Power
Which tolerates the world’s error and its grief,
Consenting to the cosmic long delay,
Timelessly waiting through the patient years
560 Her coming they had asked for earth and men;
This was the fiery point that called her now.
(S 15)
Extinction could not quench that lonely fire;
Its seeing filled the blank of mind and will;
Thought dead, its changeless force abode and grew.
(S 16)
Armed with the intuition of a bliss
To which some moved tranquillity was the key,
It persevered through life’s huge emptiness
Amid the blank denials of the world.
(S 17)
It sent its voiceless prayer to the Unknown; EoS
570 It listened for the footsteps of its hopes
Returning through the void immensities,
It waited for the fiat of the Word
That comes through the still self from the Supreme.