(S 1)
As a flame disappears in endless Light EoS
Immortally extinguished in its source,
Vanished the splendour and was stilled the word.
(S 2)
An echo of delight that once was close, EoS
The harmony journeyed towards some distant hush,
A music failing in the ear of trance,
A cadence called by distant cadences,
460 A voice that trembled into strains withdrawn.
(S 3)
Her form retreated from the longing earth EoS
Forsaking nearness to the abandoned sense,
Ascending to her unattainable home.
(S 4)
Lone, brilliant, vacant lay the inner fields;
All was unfilled inordinate spirit space,
Indifferent, waste, a desert of bright peace.
(S 5)
Then a line moved on the far edge of calm:
The warm-lipped sentient soft terrestrial wave,
A quick and many-murmured moan and laugh,
Came gliding in upon white feet of sound.
(S 6)
Unlocked was the deep glory of Silence’ heart;
The absolute unmoving stillnesses
Surrendered to the breath of mortal air,
Dissolving boundlessly the heavens of trance
475 Collapsed to waking mind. Eternity
Cast down its incommunicable lids
Over its solitudes remote from ken
Behind the voiceless mystery of sleep.
(S 7)
The grandiose respite failed, the wide release.
(S 8)
480 Across the light of fast-receding planes
That fled from him as from a falling star,
Compelled to fill its human house in Time
His soul drew back into the speed and noise
Of the vast business of created things.
(S 9)
485 A chariot of the marvels of the heavens EoS
Broad-based to bear the gods on fiery wheels,
??Flaming he swept through the spiritual gates.
(S 10)
The mortal stir received him in its midst.
(S 11)
Once more he moved amid material scenes,
490 Lifted by intimations from the heights
And in the pauses of the building brain
Touched by the thoughts that skim the fathomless surge
(S 12)
The eternal seeker in the aeonic field EoS
??Besieged by the intolerant press of hours
Again was strong for great swift-footed deeds.
(S 13)
Awake beneath the ignorant vault of Night, EoS
He saw the unnumbered people of the stars
And heard the questioning of the unsatisfied flood
500 And toiled with the form-maker, measuring Mind.
(S 14)
A wanderer from the occult invisible suns EoS
Accomplishing the fate of transient things,
A god in the figure of the arisen beast,
He raised his brow of conquest to the heavens
505 Establishing the empire of the soul
On Matter and its bounded universe
As on a solid rock in infinite seas.
(S 15)
The Lord of Life resumed his mighty rounds EoS
In the scant field of the ambiguous globe.