(S 1)
So she fared on across her silent self. EoS
(S 2)
445 To a road she came thronged with an ardent crowd
Who sped brilliant, fire-footed, sunlight-eyed,
Pressing to reach the world’s mysterious wall,
And pass through masked doorways into outer mind
Where the Light comes not nor the mystic voice,
450 Messengers from our subliminal greatnesses,
Guests from the cavern of the secret soul.
(S 3)
Into dim spiritual somnolence they break EoS
Or shed wide wonder on our waking self,
Ideas that haunt us with their radiant tread,
455 Dreams that are hints of unborn Reality,
Strange goddesses with deep-pooled magical eyes,
Strong wind-haired gods carrying the harps of hope,
Great moon-hued visions gliding through gold air,
Aspiration’s sun-dream head and star-carved limbs,
460 Emotions making common hearts sublime.
(S 4)
And Savitri mingling in that glorious crowd,
Yearning to the spiritual light they bore,
Longed once to hasten like them to save God’s world;
But she reined back the high passion in her heart;
465 She knew that first she must discover her soul.
(S 5)
Only who save themselves can others save.
(S 6)
In contrary sense she faced life’s riddling truth:
They carrying the light to suffering men
Hurried with eager feet to the outer world;
470 Her eyes were turned towards the eternal source.
(S 7)
Outstretching her hands to stay the throng she cried:
“O happy company of luminous gods,
Reveal, who know, the road that I must tread, —
For surely that bright quarter is your home, —
475 To find the birthplace of the occult Fire
And the deep mansion of my secret soul.”
(S 8)
One answered pointing to a silence dim EoS
On a remote extremity of sleep
In some far background of the inner world.
(S 9)
480 “O Savitri, from thy hidden soul we come. EoS
(S 10)
We are the messengers, the occult gods
Who help men’s drab and heavy ignorant lives
To wake to beauty and the wonder of things
Touching them with glory and divinity;
485 In evil we light the deathless flame of good
And hold the torch of knowledge on ignorant roads;
We are thy will and all men’s will towards Light..
(S 11)
O human copy and disguise of God
Who seekst the deity thou keepest hid
490 And livest by the Truth thou hast not known,
Follow the world’s winding highway to its source.
(S 12)
There in the silence few have ever reached, EoS
Thou shalt see the Fire burning on the bare stone
And the deep cavern of thy secret soul.”
(S 13)
495 Then Savitri following the great winding road EoS
Came where it dwindled into a narrow path
Trod only by rare wounded pilgrim feet.
(S 14)
A few bright forms emerged from unknown depths
And looked at her with calm immortal eyes.
(S 15)
500 There was no sound to break the brooding hush;
One felt the silent nearness of the soul.