(S 1)
A border sovereign is the occult Force. EoS
(S 2)
A threshold guardian of the earth-scene’s Beyond,
She has canalised the outbreaks of the Gods
And cut through vistas of intuitive sight
A long road of shimmering discoveries.
(S 3)
The worlds of a marvellous Unknown were near,
Behind her an ineffable Presence stood:
Her reign received their mystic influences,
Their lion-forces crouched beneath her feet;
485 The future sleeps unknown behind their doors.
(S 4)
Abysms infernal gaped round the soul’s steps
And called to its mounting vision peaks divine:
An endless climb and adventure of the Idea
There tirelessly tempted the explorer mind
490 And countless voices visited the charmed ear;
A million figures passed and were seen no more.
(S 5)
This was a forefront of God’s thousandfold house,
Beginnings of the half-screened Invisible.
(S 6)
A magic porch of entry glimmering
Quivered in a penumbra of screened Light,
A court of the mystical traffic of the worlds,
A balcony and miraculous façade.
(S 7)
Above her lightened high immensities;
All the unknown looked out from boundlessness:
500 It lodged upon an edge of hourless Time,
Gazing out of some everlasting Now,
Its shadows gleaming with the birth of gods, EoS
Its bodies signalling the Bodiless,
Its foreheads glowing with the Oversoul,
505 Its forms projected from the Unknowable,
Its eyes dreaming of the Ineffable,
Its faces staring into eternity.
(S 8)
Life in him learned its huge subconscient rear;
The little fronts unlocked to the unseen Vasts:
510 Her gulfs stood nude, her far transcendences
Flamed in transparencies of crowded light.