(S 1)
A giant order was discovered here
Of which the tassel and extended fringe
Are the scant stuff of our material lives.
(S 2)
The secrets merged in superconscient light,
Wrote clear the letters of its glowing code:
A map of subtle signs surpassing thought
Was hung upon a wall of inmost mind.
(S 3)
520 Illumining the world’s concrete images EoS
Into significant symbols by its gloss,
It offered to the intuitive exegete
Its reflex of the eternal Mystery.
(S 4)
Ascending and descending twixt life’s poles
The seried kingdoms of the graded Law
Plunged from the Everlasting into Time,
Then glad of a glory of multitudinous mind
And rich with life’s adventure and delight
And packed with the beauty of Matter’s shapes and hues
530 Climbed back from Time into undying Self,
Up a golden ladder carrying the soul,
Tying with diamond threads the Spirit’s extremes.
(S 5)
In this drop from consciousness to consciousness  EoS
Each leaned on the occult Inconscient’s power,
535 The fountain of its needed Ignorance,
Archmason of the limits by which it lives.
(S 6)
In this soar from consciousness to consciousness EoS
Each lifted tops to That from which it came,
Origin of all that it had ever been
540 And home of all that it could still become.
(S 7)
An organ scale of the Eternal’s acts,
Mounting to their climax in an endless Calm,
Paces of the many-visaged Wonderful,
Predestined stadia of the evolving Way,
545 Measures of the stature of the growing soul,
They interpreted existence to itself
And, mediating twixt the heights and deeps,
United the veiled married opposites
And linked creation to the Ineffable.
(S 8)
550 A last high world was seen where all worlds meet; EoS
In its summit gleam where Night is not nor Sleep,
The light began of the Trinity supreme.
(S 9)
All there discovered what it seeks for here.
(S 10)
It freed the finite into boundlessness
555 And rose into its own eternities.
(S 11)
The Inconscient found its heart of consciousness, EoS
The idea and feeling groping in Ignorance
At last clutched passionately the body of Truth,
The music born in Matter’s silences
560 Plucked nude out of the Ineffable’s fathomlessness
The meaning it had held but could not voice;
The perfect rhythm now only sometimes dreamed
An answer brought to the torn earth’s hungry need
Rending the night that had concealed the Unknown,
565 Giving to her her lost forgotten soul.
(S 12)
A grand solution closed the long impasse
In which the heights of mortal effort end.
(S 13)
A reconciling Wisdom looked on life; EoS
It took the striving undertones of mind
And took the confused refrain of human hopes
And made of them a sweet and happy call;
It lifted from an underground of pain
The inarticulate murmur of our lives
And found for it a sense illimitable.
(S 14)
A mighty oneness its perpetual theme,
It caught the soul’s faint scattered utterances,
Read hardly twixt our lines of rigid thought
Or mid this drowse and coma on Matter’s breast
Heard like disjointed mutterings in sleep;
580 It grouped the golden links that they had lost EoS
And showed to them their divine unity,
Saving from the error of divided self
The deep spiritual cry in all that is.
(S 15)
All the great Words that toiled to express the One
585 Were lifted into an absoluteness of light,
An ever-burning Revelation’s fire
And the immortality of the eternal Voice.
(S 16)
There was no quarrel more of truth with truth; EoS
The endless chapter of their differences
590 Retold in light by an omniscient Scribe
Travelled through difference towards unity,
Mind’s winding search lost every tinge of doubt
Led to its end by an all-seeing speech
That garbed the initial and original thought
595 With the finality of an ultimate phrase:
United were Time’s creative mood and tense
To the style and syntax of Identity.
(S 17)
A paean swelled from the lost musing deeps;
An anthem pealed to the triune ecstasies,
600 A cry of the moments to the Immortal’s bliss.
(S 18)
As if the strophes of a cosmic ode,
A hierarchy of climbing harmonies
Peopled with voices and with visages
Aspired in a crescendo of the Gods
From Matter’s abysses to the Spirit’s peaks.
(S 19)
Above were the Immortal’s changeless seats,
White chambers of dalliance with eternity
And the stupendous gates of the Alone.
(S 20)
Across the unfolding of the seas of self EoS
610 Appeared the deathless countries of the One.
(S 21)
A many-miracled Consciousness unrolled EoS
Vast aim and process and unfettered norms,
A larger Nature’s great familiar roads.
(S 22)
Affranchised from the net of earthly sense
Calm continents of potency were glimpsed;
Homelands of beauty shut to human eyes,
Half-seen at first through wonder’s gleaming lids,
Surprised the vision with felicity;
Sunbelts of knowledge, moonbelts of delight
620 Stretched out in an ecstasy of widenesses
Beyond our corporeal range.
(S 23)
There he could enter, there awhile abide.
(S 24)
A voyager upon uncharted routes EoS
Fronting the viewless danger of the Unknown,
Adventuring across enormous realms,
He broke into another Space and Time.